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The Information Services Department (ISD) of the County of San Mateo today announced that it has completed the rollout of the first phase of SMC Public WiFi, bringing public WiFi Internet access to 11 sites throughout the County. The project started last year – funded by Measure A – with three sites with publicly-accessible WiFi access to the Internet – in Downtown Pescadero, Puente de la Sur in Pescadero, and in the Board of Supervisors Chambers here in Redwood City.

The County began a process last year to get input from community members and Supervisors on where the County can best serve the public. As part of this process, the County came up with four pillars upon which to base decisions supporting un-served and underserved communities, creating educational opportunities, spurring economic development, and improving access to County services and information. Based on this, a very long list of potential sites was developed. Working with community partners, ISD completed 11 sites as of this month:

  • Coyote Point, San Mateo
  • Siena Youth Center, Redwood City
  • Fair Oaks Community Center, Redwood City
  • Downtown Pescadero
  • Daybreak Shelter, Redwood City
  • StreetCode Academy, East Palo Alto
  • Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Moss Beach
  • Pillar Ridge Community Center, Moss Beach
  • Puente de la Costa Sur, Pescadero
  • David E. Lewis Reentry Center, East Palo Alto
  • San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Chamber, Redwood City

The County also launched a new website for SMC Public WiFi at This site gives details of the program, a map of WiFi locations, usage statistics, a form for residents to provide feedback on the program, and a video overview of SMC Public WiFi. Residents should also be seeing the new window stickers in stores and community buildings with the SMC Public WiFi logo!

The plan is to launch at least 12 new public sites each year for the next two years. If you have any input on future sites or ways to leverage the public WiFi, please go on the website and send your feedback.

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