Increasing the Speed of County Work

This past week marked a major milestone in the County’s Network Upgrade Project – completion of the fifth, and final, core site at the San Mateo County Medical Center. The other completed core sites include Alameda, Youth Services Center, Harbor Boulevard, and Redwood City.

ISD has undertaken a major Countywide project over the last two years to do a significant upgrade to the County’s network infrastructure. The goals of this project have been to increase the speed of the enterprise network and Internet connections as well as improve reliability and uptime of the entire system. This project affects all County sites and includes the Local Area Network (LAN) (connections within a site), the Wide Area Network (WAN) (connections among County sites), and the connectivity to the Internet.

This project had many components, including new network equipment at the five core County sites as well as 65 remote sites, a new fiber backbone network between the core sites, which includes two data centers, an open standard architecture design, and built-in redundancy.

With the completion of the five core sites, the project is nearing its completion. The WAN connectivity to remote sites will be completed by end of this calendar year. Other elements of the project — including all design work, the WAN core upgrade, and the new open standard protocols — were all completed this last quarter.

As more and more of the County work requires a robust communications infrastructure and more applications migrate to the cloud, the County is able to better support all of these new applications, data, communication, and other uses. There is also a potential for other municipalities in the County to leverage the fiber backbone to improve connectivity for all public agencies.

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