Property Tax Migration Success

In October, the County successfully completed a crucial migration of the Property Tax System for the Tax Collector and Controller’s Office as well as their websites ( and to PCM, a hosting provider. The project was a success, with over 350 million records migrated without any disruption to end users and taxpayers. It was a collaborative effort among the Controller, Tax Collector, and ISD. “I was very impressed with the seamless transition we were able to make, thanks to the hard work on both the County and vendor side,” said Robin Elliott, Assistant Tax Collector.

The migration was necessary as the hardware and operating system software were nearing end-of-life and becoming more difficult to support. Accordingly, the team transferred the existing software and data to an upgraded platform in a hosted environment. In addition, the County added enhanced functionality to provide continuity of business in the event of a disaster — we now have real-time replication of the County’s Property Tax System from the primary data center to a secondary data center. Shirley Tourel, Assistant Controller, remarked “ISD was instrumental in helping us move the County’s property tax system to a hosted environment and ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster.”

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