SMC Presents at MISAC 2016

Jose Mejia of ISD was a headline speaker at the MISAC 2016 conference last week in San Diego. He, along with a representative of Eaton & Associates, presented The Benefits of Regional Fiber: Connecting Cities Together, Today, an overview of San Mateo County's multi-jurisdictional fiber network project. Mr. Mejia spoke about the unique needs of this county, with its dispersed population hubs, fast growing population of residents and businesses, yet relatively low digital engagement between citizens and their government. 

MISAC is the Municipal Information Systems Association of California. It is comprised of public agency information technology professionals working throughout California. It's mission is to promote the understanding and strategic use of information technology within local government agencies through sharing of best practices.

Mr. Mejia discussed the goals of the County's shared fiber network, which include:

  • Connecting key locations in each city with high speed fiber (City Halls, Fire Stations, Police Stations, etc.)
  • Enhancing collaboration and information sharing with organizations like hospitals, libraries, and public safety
  • Building network infrastructure resiliency for continuity, disaster readiness and recovery
  • Enabling municipalities to leverage the benefits of high speed fiber for economic development, infrastructure enhancement and serve the public good

San Mateo County believes that this project will have the benefits of promoting citizen engagement, spurring economic development, enhancing public safety, and lowering cost of the overall information network infrastructure.

San Mateo County is planning to complete its fiber network this year as well as to finish a number of pilot projects with select cities. The next steps will be to build high-speed hubs in cities for connectivity to each other and externally to the major Internet exchanges. 

The presentation itself spurred great participation with the audience, and more cities have expressed interest in the program. 

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