Open Data Helping San Mateo County and its Citizens

Socrata recently published two video testimonials with John Ridener, Open Data Community Liaison in the Information Services Department (ISD) of the County of San Mateo. These two videos center around safeguarding homes and businesses from flood damage as well as other ways San Mateo County is empowering its citizens by sharing data online. Socrata also published a case study on San Mateo's use of data to make the county more livable. See below for links and descriptions of the testimonials and the case study. 

How Open Data Helps San Mateo County Fight Flood Damage - Whenever the San Francisco Bay Area is hit by heavy rains, San Mateo County leverages its open data to help residents safeguard their homes and businesses from flood damage. The city’s sandbag location dataset is published on the Open San Mateo County data portal, and promoted through official Twitter and Facebook accounts whenever a storm seems imminent. The sandbag locations map is integrated with Google Maps so residents can not only find the sandbag distribution center most convenient to them, but also driving directions for getting there.

Watch How Open Data Helps San Mateo’s Citizens - Local governments empower their citizens by sharing data online. To better serve its tech-savvy, Silicon Valley-based population, San Mateo County created a web portal and business intelligence site where taxpayers can see how their money is being invested, check progress on public development projects, research county job openings/salaries, and much more. As Open Data Community Liaison John Ridener puts it: “Translating [data] into information that people can use to improve their lives is very rewarding and something I look forward to every day.”

Making Silicon Valley a Place Everyone Can Live Case Study

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