Get Connected SMC Launches

The County of San Mateo is proud to announce the launch of the beta site of Get Connected SMC, a project focused on helping people connect with the services they need to get access to food. By answering eight questions, none of which include personally identifiable information, a website visitor can find out if they are likely to qualify for four food assistance programs:
  • CalFresh
  • Free meals at school
  • Reduced price meals at school
  • Woman, Infants, Children (WIC)
When a user completes the short form, they are also presented with services locations and information about services and organizations that provide immediate access to food like food banks. This information is provided by another Code for America project, SMC Connect.
Inspired by Code for America’s work with Get CalFresh, the goals of the project are to connect people to the food services they need to end hunger in San Mateo County and use the County’s open data infrastructure to provide information to those who need it most.
The next iteration of the site will include enhanced mapping capabilities, the addition of Meals on Wheels services for seniors, and tighter integration with service providers to allow potentially qualified users to initiate program applications on the site.
The project is a collaboration between OpenSMC, a Code for America Brigade for San Mateo County, and the San Mateo County End Hunger Task Force 2.0 (San Mateo County Human Services Agency, The Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, and the Grove Foundation).
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