ISD Hosts Fujitsu Delegation

On November 29, the Information Services Department (ISD) hosted a delegation of about 20 professionals from Fujitsu in Japan -- the second time such a delegation has visited the County of San Mateo.

Even though Fujitsu is a large corporation, their interest was to learn more about the resources and tools that a large regional government deploys to serve its constituents, with a particular focus on issues of security and emergency communication facilities, particularly in rural areas. In this area, San Mateo County was a perfect case study with its combination of concentrated population centers in the east but with significant open space, unincorporated areas, and relatively isolated and rural populations in the west and southwest sections of the county. 

The delegation also spent a fair bit of time learning and discussing other key initiatives, including SMC Public WiFiOpen DataGIS, and mobility.  

Members of the Fujitsu delegation remarked on how useful the information was and how excited they were to bring back many of their ideas to their ownhome towns!

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