On Tuesday, March 27, San Mateo County CIO Jon Walton spoke at the IoT Build Conference in San Francisco, the theme of which this year is "Building the IoT Ecosystem – Platforms, Architectures, Applications & Connectivity." This two-day conference presents a series of thought leaders, outlines case studies, and facilitates discussion among a diverse group of attendees interested in the development, standardization, and the application of the "Internet of Things." 

Mr. Walton gave an overview of the County's "Smart Region Model" which is based on collaboration among multiple public and private entities within a given area, including county agencies, city governments, businesses, non-profits, and the larger community. The Smart Region approach can focus on solving larger regional problems and leveraging shared resources.

He presented the region's plans on IoT solutions, including smart parking solutions, smart street lights, waste management, energy management, asset tracking, and other regional issues. Mr. Walton outlined how, by working together, private and public institutions across a given region can more quickly and efficiently leverage resources to implement powerful IoT solutions for their community. For more information on the event, please visit the IoT Build Conference website.