Are you curious about quality of life programs in your community? Have you ever wondered what programs are funded by Measure K, the half-cent sales tax, in San Mateo County? Do you know how your favorite restaurant performed on its most recent health inspection? 

The County of San Mateo is committed to government transparency and working with residents to ensure everyone receives the highest quality services possible. To that end, the County publishes open data about its activities for anyone to view, download, and use as they wish. In this three post series, we'll take a look at three of the ways the County provides data to the public and answers questions like these.

First up are maps and mapping applications. If a picture tells a thousand words, maps start at 10,000. Geographic information is a key component of the County's work and a vital contributor to its government transparency efforts. From boundaries to scientific data, the County's map portal provides users with an easy way to combine map layers to make custom maps with data from the County and special projects like Home for All, Sea Change San Mateo County, and the County's Community Vulnerability Index.