Countywide IT Strategic Plan

The County of San Mateo has long acknowledged that information technology (IT) plays a transformational role in helping it achieve its long-term vision and facilitating the outcome of key goals and objectives. County departments recognize that today’s consumerization of technology and mobility have changed the expectations of all stakeholders and that a broader mobile-savvy constituency seeks flexibility in how it interacts, transacts and receives services from the County – a County whose geographic proximity happens to be next to the world’s greatest technology hub.  

Accordingly, in late 2015, the County of San Mateo revised its Countywide IT Strategy to be in alignment with long-term County objectives within this larger context. In building this plan, stakeholder input was gathered to discuss business needs that could be impacted by technology.

The Countywide IT Strategic Plan outlines the goal and plans around some major themes:

  • Establishing Centralized vs Decentralized Delivery of Services
  • Aligning Business Goals with IT Delivery
  • Differentiating Departmental Budgets from Countywide Sponsored Initiatives
  • Providing “Best Fit” Delivery Options
  • Strengthening IT Governance

San Mateo County is committed to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of government services through the judicial investment in, and use of, IT in order to improve service delivery to the community we serve. The evolution of IT is creating opportunities for the County to not only improve efficiencies and lower costs, but to also re-engineer business processes.

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