CSAC Webinar: County Open Data Policies: How, Not Why

Published on Jul 2, 2015

Our presenters: 

  • John Ridener, Open Data Community Liaison, San Mateo County 
  • Faith Conley, Legislative Representative, CSAC

Much of the conversation to date about government and open data has focused on the potential benefits it would bring to citizens, businesses, and the agencies themselves. But currently pending legislation would require local agencies to take some first steps. The discussion now must turn to how. How should a county go about creating its open data policy? How can it implement that policy? What practical considerations should it take into account? Who can help? 

Join us for a webinar exploring these questions. Our experts will provide a solid introduction appropriate for both policy makers and practitioners. They will review and explain the pending legislation and providing the information needed to begin developing and implementing an open data policy.

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