In September, Joint Venture Silicon Valley profiled County of San Mateo County CIO Jon Walton and highlighted his work at the County as well as his role as co-chair of the Joint Venture Wireless Communications Initiative. Jon spoke about the challenges facing a government entity in leveraging technology effectively, the focus of the County over the past few years, and the accomplishments of the team. Jon outlines many reasons why San Mateo County has been successful in advancing technology solutions: "Sometimes I’m more of a facilitator than an advocate. We’re kind of a lab. I get calls from all over the county from people who want to know if something worked. The culture definitely paves the way for these things to happen. [San Mateo County] understands the culture more than any government I’ve worked for.". The profile also reviews Jon's professional background, family life, and personal interests, including his well-known affinity for race cars!