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Redwood City –Exactly two years after launching the County of San Mateo’s free, public WiFi network, the County’s Information Services Department (ISD) today unveiled its 30th SMC Public WiFi location at the War Memorial Community Center in Daly City.

“We recognized a few years ago that in order to better facilitate the connection between government and its residents, our residents needed high-speed connectivity to access the myriad of resources and applications online,” said Jon Walton, the County of San Mateo’s chief information officer. “We believe that SMC Public WiFi supports educational opportunities for students, spurs local economic development and provides greater access to County services.”

SMC Public WiFi is funded by Measure K, a half-cent, voter-approved countywide sales tax,and directly supports the County’s goals and priorities promoting a prosperous, livable and collaborative community.

The 30 current SMC Public WiFi sites include:

  • Bayshore Community Center, Daly City
  • Broadmoor Community Center, Daly City
  • Coastside Hope, El Granada
  • Colma Community Center
  • Coyote Point Captain's House, San Mateo
  • Coyote Point Gatehouse, San Mateo
  • Coyote Point Marina, San Mateo
  • Cuesta La Honda Recreation Center
  • Daly City Community Services Center, Daly City
  • David E. Lewis Reentry Center, E. Palo Alto
  • El Concilio Latino Support Center, Burlingame
  • Fair Oaks Community Center, Redwood City
  • Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Moss Beach
  • HSA Fair Oaks School, Redwood City
  • Lincoln Community Center, Daly City
  • Memorial Park, Loma Mar
  • Pescadero (downtown)
  • Pillar Ridge Community Center, Moss Beach
  • Portola Community Center, Portola Valley
  • Puente de la Costa Sur, La Honda
  • Puente de la Costa Sur, Pescadero
  • Ryder Park Ranger Station, San Mateo
  • San Mateo County Board of Supervisor Chambers, Redwood City
  • San Pedro Valley Park, Pacifica
  • Siena Youth Center, Redwood City
  • Star Vista / Daybreak Shelter, Redwood City
  • Sterling Youth Center, Colma
  • Streetcode Academy, East Palo Alto
  • War Memorial Community Center, Daly City
  • YMCA Community Resource Center, South San Francisco

The launch of this new SMC Public WiFi site is also part of the County’s celebration of World Wi-Fi Day on June 20, 2017. World Wi-Fi day is a global initiative to help bridge the digital divide, and it is a platform to recognize and celebrate the significant role WiFi is playing in cities and communities around the world.

“We are excited to have an additional SMC Public WiFi location in Daly City,” said District 5 County Supervisor David Canepa whose district includes the new Daly City site. “It’s a great way for my constituents to help celebrate World Wi-Fi Day.”

The County of San Mateo is a leader in developing regional connectivity solutions, including building a multi-jurisdictional fiber optic network to be shared and leveraged by government agencies, including cities and school districts, across the county. This project will connect key locations in each city with high-speed fiber, enhance collaboration and information sharing among agencies (e.g., hospitals, libraries, schools, and public safety agencies), provide network infrastructure resiliency for continuity and disaster recovery and enable municipalities to leverage the benefits of high-speed fiber for economic development and infrastructure enhancement.

The County was also recently selected to help lead the Public WiFi SuperCluster created by the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC), a collaborative platform enabling local governments, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, technologists and private corporations from all over the world to form project teams to work on groundbreaking Internet of Things applications within the smart city environment.

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